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Historical tour to the magnificent and original region Machakhela! The pride and glory of the region is provided by Machakhela gun that served for many years to the locals.Another pride of region is nature - everywhere the waterfalls, rivers and green forests are presented.


During the tour you will visit:

  • Monument of "Machakhela Gun"
  • Fortress Gvara, (dating 6-8 century), which offers a dazzling view on Mountains of Adjara, where you will meet the warriors of the Middle Ages, who will demonstrate the ability weapon possession
  • Porthole with a long-range gun, preserved since the time of the Second World War
  • An arched bridge of the 12th century "Tskhemlara"
  • Waterfall "Machakhela" with ringing crystal mountain water
  • Lunch at local restaurant

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