Daily tours

  • 6 HOURS 

During this excursion you will visit:

  • Batumi Botanical Gardens - the world second largest Botanical Gardens, which is located on the territory of 111 ha 9 km from Batumi. It is divided into 9 phyto-geographical sections: Transcaucasia Humid Subtropics, New Zealand Section,South American Section, Australian Section,Himalayan Section,  Mexican Section,East Asian Section, North American Section, Mediterranean Section. The collection of the Garden consists over 2000 arboreal and the same number of herbaceous taxonomic units.
  • Petra - "Charmed Fortress" (VI c. AD.) Historically this territory was the settlement place of one of the Kartvelian tribes - Lazes. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian built a city here because of the unique military-strategic and trade-economical location. The city was crossed by the essential road connecting Western Georgia, Byzantine provinces, Iran and Armenia.
  • Old Batumi (Neptune's square, amazing Piazza Square with St. Nicholas Church, Chacha Fountain, St. Mary Cathedral, Batumi Port, Seaside Park…)

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