Daily tours

  • 6-8 HOURS 

Since the ancient times Georgia is considered to be one of the birthplace of viticulture and the origin of grapevine. Without exaggeration, we can say that the vine and human were born in the land of Georgia at the same time. In Georgia, wine and vine are idealized; they are presented in architecture, folklore, poetry and culinary culture. West Georgia gave us one of the most unique sorts of grape-Chkhaveri, which the rose dry wine "Porto-Franco" is produced from. The testing of this wine we offer to you during this tour!


Besides that, you have an opportunity to experience and see:

  • Fascinating views on green piliferous mountains
  • Splendid Makhunceti Waterfall
  • Arch Bridge of Queen Tamar of the 12th century
  • Adjarian Wine House, which was built on the ruins of historical winery of 18th century in Adjara and it is situated on Acharistskali River. You will have a little tour inside the winery. Wine testing of 5 best Georgian Wines is possible, based on your desire, among them is the pride of Keda region-“Porto Franco”-dry rose wine.  
  • Zvare Church, which is surrounded by splendid vegetation and mountain river
  • Private winery, where you will get acquainted with the technology and culture of winemaking, and also try Adjarian dishes and test local wine

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