The Black Sea coast of Turkey

  • Day 1: Arrival in Batumi. Overnight in Batumi.

  • Day 2: Batumi - Gonio Fortress (belongs to the 1st century, which was a strategic, political and cultural center of the Roman Empire) - Ayder Plateau (valley, full of all shades of green with a stunning flora and fauna) - Trabzon (formerly located on the Silk Road, still is famous for charming mix of religions, languages and cultures) - Sumela Monastery (carved from stone monastery, built in the 4th century). Overnight in Trabzon.

  • Day 3: Trabzon - passing by Gümüşhane ("Silver City", which is famous for operating gold and silver mines) and Erzincan (known for  cheese "Tulum Peyniri") - Visiting Harput (one of the ancient cities of Turkey, which is 4000 years old). Overnight at the hotel of Elazig.

  • Day 4: Adiyaman - Nemrut Montain (the main sanctuary of the ancient Commagene kingdom and the tomb of Antiochus I Epiphanes, surrounded by statues of the height of eight meters. Archaeological monuments on top of Mount Nemrut are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List). Overnight in Urfa ("the holy city" - It is believed that prophet Abraham was born here, the forefather of Christianity, Judaism and Islam).

  • Day 5: Balıklı Lake (sacred lake with carp) - panoramic tour in Urfa- Diyarbakir (one of the most   
    picturesque cities in Turkey). Overnight in Van.

  • Day 6: Doğu Beyazıt - Ishak Pasha Palace (a bright pearl of the Turkic architectural excellence of the Renaissance period of the Ottoman Empire and the invaluable masterpiece of architecture) - Kars (founded in ancient times, was the capital of Armenia, one of the most important commercial and cultural centers of Byzantium, and in the 19th century - a permanent place of battles in Russia and the Ottoman Empire) - Ruins of Ani (the ancient capital of the Armenian kingdom of Ani, once known as the "city of a thousand and one churches"). Overnight.

  • Day 7: Return to Batumi.

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