• Wed, Sat 

Historic excursion through the magnificent and original edge of Machakhela.

You will visit:

- The Borjgalo Ethnographic Museum, created in the form of a traditional courtyard of the Adjara family, where all the objects are made by the hands of a local resident;

- The monument to the famous flint gun appeared on the right bank of the river in 2007 and is a tribute to the Machakhela masters, who in the 18th century were famous for their art far beyond the Gorge.

- Samshit Grove in the picturesque Machakhela Gorge and Mirveti Waterfalls

- Arched stone bridge, a model of architecture of the time of the Queen Tamar;

- Lunch feast with traditional dishes of the Ajaria region and Georgian incendiary dances and a master class in Georgian dances.


120 Gel

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