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Enjoy the clean air, the noise of mountain rivers and waterfalls, the brooding slopes and the warmth of the Georgian house.

You will visit:

Chorokhi - the river flows between the Lazistan and Chorokhi ridges, flows into the Black Sea near the city of Batumi. The river's waters are used for irrigation.

- Fortress Gonio - 1st century buildings (formerly called Apsaros or Apsaruntos). The name comes from one of the characters from the Greek myth of the Argonauts (Apsaros - the brother of Medea). The fortress was built in the Hellenistic period.

- the highest waterfall in these mountains Makhuntseti;

- arched stone bridge, a model of architecture of the time of the Queen Tamar;

- a winery where you can taste the wine;

- lunch-feast with traditional dishes of the region of Adjara, master class on cooking Khachapuri, Ajar dances and homemade wine in the house of the Georgian family in the mountains Days of the week.


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