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We will plunge into the sea of greenery and flowers, as well as relax on an unusual beach with black magnetic sands.

You are waiting for:

- Beautiful Byzantine fortress of Petra VI century, which is located right on the shores of the Black Sea;

- Georgia In Miniatures Park;

- Musical sculptures


Dendrological Park - Shakvetili Dendrological Park with its scale, unique and diverse collection of plants, the best conditions for biodiversity and original plantings are fully highlighted not only on the Black Sea coast, but also throughout the region. This beautiful collection of plants shares the diversity of the world's arboretum and the impressive beauty of shrubs. That is why this rare park has great health, aesthetic, educational and scientific significance for the ecosystem of the region. The park has an artificial lake and a small island, created specifically for flamingos. In addition to its unique collection of plants, the park is home to 58 species of birds from all over the world.


- Swimming on an unusual beach with black magnetic sands in Ureki;

- Lunch-feast in the house of the Georgian family, traditional dishes of the Guria region


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