According to Georgian proverb “Every guest is God-sent”. For centuries Georgian people developed traditions of hospitality. Love and boundless respect for guests, devotion to host's duties, traditional feast are passed from one generation to another. As a result Georgian culture is distinguished by high culture of hospitality. In the past centuries the people of Georgia even had special guest rooms or even separate houses the doors of which were at all times open so that a guest could come, eat and spend the night there.


According to Georgian national poetry hospitality is appreciated more than bravery, courage and skillful weapon handling. Georgian folklore idealizes a hospitable, generous owner and blames avaricious one. Great attention is also given to the morals of a visitor. The visitor should be reserved, modest and kind person. According to Georgian (and Caucasian) traditions of hospitality a visitor handed his weapon to the host or the senior person in the family. This highly moral behavior of the visitor projected trust, expressed fidelity and respect of the host. It meant that the visitor had good intentions and came to the family with peaceful and friendly intensions.


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