Resorts in Georgia


Gori is a city in eastern Georgia, founded by David the Builder. Gori is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. The city takes its name from the rock formation (Goraki) in the city center, where the remains of the ancient Fortress of Gori.

Gori is located near the ancient cave city Uplistsikhe (Fortress of God), one of the first cities in Georgia. Uplistsikhe is carved in the rock. Town was founded in the late II - at the beginning of I millennium BC has experienced several ups and downs, and that’s why is such a multi-layered archaeological site, one of the most important monuments of Georgian culture.

In the center of Gori is not less interesting tourist object - Joseph Stalin Museum, dedicated to the life of the most famous native of the city, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, who became head of the Soviet government. There are many things displayed actually or allegedly owned by Stalin, including some of his furniture from his office, gifts to Stalin. In front of the main museum the house where Stalin was born and spent the first four years of life is presented. The museum contains the private railway saloon of Stalin.

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