Resorts in Georgia


Since the ancient times Georgia is considered to be one of the birthplace of viticulture and the origin of grapevine. Without exaggeration, we can say that the vine and human were born in the land of Georgia at the same time. In Georgia, wine and vine are idealized; they are presented in architecture, folklore, poetry and culinary culture. Fertile land of Georgia, burning sun, the mild climate and restless, purposeful work preserved us 450 native grape varieties. The most famous from them are Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvani (or Mtsvane), Alexandrouli, Tsolikauri, Tetra, Mujuretuli ,Ojaleshi,Usakhelauri, Tavkveri ,Asuretuli, etc.  The motherland to most of them is the fertile region Kakheti.

Besides hectares of vineyards, many ancient temples and monasteries, sleepy little towns with tiled roofs are located here.  The best time to go to Kakheti- is of course during the harvest season. In late September or early October  you can participate in a traditional grape fest –“Rtveli” and taste best Georgian food.

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