Resorts in Georgia


Kutaisi, located on both banks of the Rioni River, amidst the picturesque scenery of West Georgia, is filled with history and inspiration. Name of Kutaisi has its roots from the Georgian word "Kuat", which means "stony". The old town is actually located on the rocky surface. This is second largest city of Georgia. It used to be the capital of legendary Colchis Civilization, which was famous for its gold mining. Some time ago glorified Greek hero Jason took a treasury of Colchis - Golden Fleece. Before the freedom of Tbilisi (1122) from the Seljuk Turks Kutaisi was the residence of the Georgian kings.


Kutaisi is also a famous historical and cultural center, which has not only important architectural values within Georgian history, but also the heritage of UNESCO.


We recommend you to visit:

  • Prometheus Cave - explore stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnats, which are accompanied by sound and light effects, creating the atmosphere of fantastic movies inside the halls.
  • Gelati Monastery (XII), the Golden Age of Georgia, which used to be a center of religious and scientific live of Middle Ages, burial vault of Georgian Kings, cultic place for palmers. It is UNESCO World heritage site.
  • Church of Saint Martyrs of David and Konstantine, who were violently killed during invasion of Arabic conqueror Marwan ibn Muhammad in Georgia. Lords were canonized, put in monstrance and were carried to the territory of stone church.
  • Bagrat Temple - the symbol of United Georgian Nation

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