Resorts in Georgia

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Tskaltubo - a popular resort, which is famous for its healing waters in Western Georgia. Due to fact that the temperature of the carbonated mineral springs is the 33-35 oC, this allows the use of water without preheating. Here are offered balneology therapies for the treatment of circulatory, nervous and musculoskeletal and skin diseases. Over the past decades "speleotherapy" also became popular for the treatment of lung diseases, a key feature of which is the use of karst caves, representing an environment in which there is no dust.


In the resort following complex medical procedures are used for the treatment:

  • Mineral water baths
  • Underwater (hydro) massage
  • Gymnastics in the pool and in the hall
  • Classic massage therapy
  • Horizontal spinal traction in the water
  • Physiotherapy
  • Shower "Shark"
  • Application of therapeutic mud

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