Wedding tour

We are so honored to offer You to celebrate the most responsible and an important event in your life - the wedding -in Georgia, which for sure will be an outstanding moment in your life. Georgian wedding - it's something special, "it is generous - as Earth, light - like mountain air, rich - as soulful song, cheerful - as a rapid dance." The unique nature of Georgia, beautiful and historic places delight everyone. Those who have been in this corner of paradise, left their hearts in Georgia for entire life, but, in return, took a tremendous warmth and love, and those who did not visit yet - have the biggest feeling of pleasure and admiration of this country ahead.


Especially for this event, we have chosen the perfect place for You among the mountains, with the purest air and gorgeous rivers and waterfalls. Besides, the restaurant is known for producing their own wines, and is ideal for such activities. And all of this is very close to Batumi!


10 reasons why You should celebrate wedding in Georgia:


1. The Georgian wedding - the most musical wedding in the world. Everyone knows Georgian polyphonic choir. The wedding is filled with lots of dances and musical numbers that do not let you get bored even for a minute!

2. To try on traditional Georgian costumes

3. To go through a number of Georgian traditions and customs:

- Bride lips are smeared with honey, so that her speech will be sweet and groom lets the white bird fly from the roof of the house for happiness.

- Bride should break the plate by right foot while entering the restaurant. The ring of broken dishes symbolizes the beginning of a wedding celebration.

- Bride and groom are given a wedding wine glass. The groom makes the first sip, and then he puts in a wedding ring and gives it to the bride, who also takes a sip from his glass. Then the groom gets the ring and hands it to the bride, and says words of love and loyalty.

4. To learn the elements of a traditional wedding dance - Kartuli, and your guests will have a chance to participate in various dance competitions.

5. To learn the skills of a professional toastmaster, as well as to participate in the competition for the best toastmaster. Who in the world has not heard of the Georgian-dinner toasts? They are a separate niche in the global culture, as they are very thoughtfully, friendly, have morals and take the form of a parable. All presented at the wedding are obliged to listen attentively to all toasts to the end. A toastmaster will not miss the chance to give guests the opportunity to tell their own toast.

6. To participate in the contest of drinking wine from a special horn - Kantsi. In Georgia, if you are offered to drink wine from a horn, it is a great honor. The larger the horn, the more you are respected!

7. To learn how to prepare and take part in competitions of the preparation of traditional Georgian dishes such as khachapuri, khinkali, kebabs, churchkhela, etc.

8. To enjoy the most delicious Georgian dishes and drinks. At Georgian weddings tables are groaning with meat, kebabs, barbeques, khachapuri, khinkali, wine and the diversity of the national Georgian cuisine.

9. To participate in the preparation of wine, by pressing grapes in a special vessel (if the period of the wedding is in September-October).

10. Wedding cake and fireworks is final chord of this Georgian wedding. Usually, wedding is finished after midnight.


And you will experience much more!...


In addition, we offer You a wide choice of places for photo shots as architectural and natural sites.


We, the team of ADJARA TOUR will do everything to make this event the most memorable in Your life and lives of Your guests!!!


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