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Kobuleti - the largest district in Adjara, has 23 kilometers of sea shore. Kobuleti city alone has 9 km offshore. Here tourists will have the opportunity to sunbathe on clean pebble beach, enjoy the fresh sea air, admire the magnificent mountain peaks, and of course treat your health.

Kobuleti is a town in the two streets running parallel to one another for 9 km. And the beach stretches for the same length. Maximum distance to the sea is 50-70 meters. You can stay either in private houses, cottages or hotels.

Kobuleti beach consists of black magnetic sand, which is in Ureki, but pebble is added to it - but it is not as large as in Batumi.

As for excursions, there is a big diversity: Excursions into the mountains, the sights of the city of Batumi, unique swamp Spain, national parks, as well as the Black Sea coast of Turkey, due to the proximity of the region.

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