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Georgian town of Mtskheta is located among the Rocky Mountains and rivers Kura and Aragvi. Mtskheta - one of the oldest cities in Georgia, as well as its first capital. If you follow the Georgian folklore, Mtskheta was founded by King Mtsehotosom, who was the son of Kartli, the first king. According to legend, all Georgians come from him. However history and folklore are quite different from each other.

If we refer to the history, based on the fact, the first mention of the town of Mtskheta occur in the first half of I century BC. In those days in the territory of ancient Georgia appeared the first state formation, Iberia, whose capital was the city of Mtskheta. Being the largest and most important city, Mtskheta, constantly subjected to raids and constantly passed it into the hands of the Romans, the Persians, the Greeks, and the other nations. Only in the V century BC Tbilisi, based on the decision of the King Gorgasal, Tbilisi has become the capital of Georgia. With such a colorful past, Mtskheta attracts huge number of tourists!

Suburbs and the town of Mtskheta offer you to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites - Jvari church (IV century), where St. Nino put the first cross after Georgia has adopted Christianity and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (XXI century), where the Robe of Christ is buried. Besides, Samtavro Transfiguration Orthodox Church, Shio-mgvime monastery, Bebristsikhe Fortress, Bridge of Pompey are worth of seeing.

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